Website Speed Optimization Services
“Faster websites convert more business”

Why Do You Need To Optimize Your Site For Speed?

Many companies suffer from a lack of conversions from their website or poor search performance due to slow loading times for key pages on their website. With the fast-paced nature of the Internet, it is crucial your web page catches the attention of the visitor immediately. The longer it takes to load the page, the greater the possibility that visitor will leave your page before you even have an opportunity to market to them. Our team will check and analyze your website, identify common causes of slow loading times, and implement bug fixes and caches to improve your site loading times.

“In simple words, if your company site is too slow people won’t stick around to sign up or buy products from you.”

Our Speed Optimization Services Process / What We Offer

  1. OPTIMIZE IMAGES – We make sure that the images on your website are as optimized as they can be to reduce their file size without significantly impacting their visual quality.
  2. OPTIMIZE & CSS DELIVERY – We look at your CSS, JS to figure out which ones can be safely minimized to reduce their delivery time while keeping all the functions on your website working properly.
  3. MINIFY RESOURCES – Minification is what typically breaks most themes and plugins. We have a system in place to take your minification as far as possible while keeping your website working as expected.
  4. ENABLE COMPRESSION – We take advantage of the compression installed on your servers to make sure your cache and other files are maximizing the resources available to your website.

Note: We provide actionable CDN advice and support for further improvement.

No Hassle

When we work on your website, your visitors won’t notice any difference on the website. You can also give us instructions on what to look for before or when optimizing the website.

We Re-develop for better performance

Technology changes rapidly. What worked even a year ago could be outdated. Our team analyzes your website and identified common causes for a slowdown in code obsolescence and code which relies on outdated versions of web technologies. We recreate websites through latest frameworks like WordPress, Magento for a faster development and launch cycle. Our clients enjoy the benefit of a faster page loading which is less error-prone, leading to not only a higher conversion rate but improved search positioning as a result of the faster loading times.

WordPress (Dynamic), HTML (Static), Magento (E-Commerce) and others

We have vast experience in optimizing static HTML websites, WordPress (also WooCommerce), Magento and OpenCart websites.  The latest optimal ways to optimize each different type of platform will be performed to ensure maximum performance.

Web Hosting Analysis Faster Web Hosting

Not all hosting is created equal. We analyze your web hosting situation and determine whether or not the current solution is capable of handling the amount of traffic sent to it. While caching services and code optimization can improve a situation, if the hosting solution is less than ideal, it will negatively impact loading times.
Why Choose Us?

We listen. We bring our best ideas. We are responsive. We design and develop websites to improve your business. We want you to succeed and bring our expertise to the table for every project.

Creative Team

Creative Team

WEBEDP is armed with experts in all the fields of its services, right from web designing to web development. All your projects are handled and completed by highly experienced and capable professionals.
Unique Design

Unique Designs

Our experienced web designers are capable and innovative in creating impressive and efficient web designs for the client. If you are looking for a original web design, you can contact us.
Quality Support

Quality Assurance

Quality is the central part of our service and we make no compromises on it. Before starting any new project we take confirmations from our clients and commit to them high quality service.
On Time Delivery

On Time Delivery

We know the value of time in now-a-days, so we value our clients time as we ours. When you take a project to the task, you can rest assured that it will be delivered in time and maintains its quality despite of being completed in time.
Affordable Price

Affordable Price

We disclose all our payment options, T&C, Pricing Structures to our prospective clients to see. There are no hidden costs, we are 100% transparent from day one no matter whatever be the service.
Quick Support

Quick Support

We understand the sense of urgency whenever our clients need our help. This is why we have a dedicated support team that is friendly and up-to-date with the technology to provide robust solutions for the first hand.
Our Technical Expertise

Expertise across the various lines of technology, thereby providing you with the most innovative solutions.